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2024 Monthly Book Challenge


March: A book whose protagonist has a different culture or lifestyle from you
April: A book about nature, the environment, or climate change
May: A graphic novel
June: A book that inspired a film or television series
July: A book by an author born outside of the United States
August: A book whose title starts with the same letter as your birthday month
September: A debut book by a Massachusetts author
October: A book about a time in history you’d like to know more about
November: A relaxing, soul-soothing book
December: A well-reviewed book in your least favorite genre

Choose a book that fits the monthly challenge. If you’re stuck, consider visiting your local library for recommendations!
1. Each month, after you read, fill out a short form to tell us about the book. A link to the submission form can be found at challenge
2. Mass Center for the Book will host a year-end party to celebrate participants committed to the challenge. Additionally, if you read a book in each of the 12
months, you will be entered in a drawing to win 1 of 2 totes filled with books!